spirit (spiritdk) wrote in hollymcnarland,

Hi Hello

I saw myrainday's lj post about this journal and of course wanted to join:)

I can't say I've known Holly for all that long. Only since early May or something when pyramidnow sent me this awesome Canadian care package with lots of different stuff...including the Holly cd "home is where my feet are"!!! My Pyramid is such a sweetheart. Anyway I LOVE the album and have been listening to it LOADS since I got it!

Ok so I just realized that I'm lying cause I have heard Holly before and did know her name before getting this cd... cause I once listened to a live version of "numb" that my friend sarah told me to listen to... when everyone sings along... awesome. I never went and listened to more Holly songs back then though so I'm glad pyramid sent me the cd so I could get more into her:)
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