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So, what do you think of the dvd?

anyone else pick up the live holly dvd? I pre ordered it for $33, and now it's down to $20 :( But I got the autographed insert (number 99/100! rawk.) I thought it was a great concert, personally, only wish I could have been there!

I did notice that the bass player was kind of.. umm.. uneven. At some parts he has a little off beat. The sound on the mastering was kind of wonky too. All in all, I liked it, but it seemed kind of amateurish next to some other concert DVDs I have (Sarah mclachlan's mirrorball comes to mind, it's everything a music DVD should be).
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i enjoy it a whole bunch. and i even got it in canadia for like.. 16.99 i believe. so ya know, that's like 5 bucks to me. :P

aaand anyway i quite enjoy the yeast infection part.

..and i want so badly to see her live. :/
oh wow, she's just incredible live. I have no idea how she can pack so much energy in such a tiny little package.

(And her voice gives you no idea about the scale of her physique. she's such a little thing, smaller than my fifteen year old sister.. when she lets loose with elmo or brush into my tears, its literally dumbfounding.)

she's so nice too! I hung around her tour bus after her last concert in montreal, because I wanted to get an autograph and she invited me up to the club dressing room to meet her tour band and stuff, it was awesome. holly's amazing :D